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54 m a i s o n - o b j e t. c o m t h e A m er i cA s m&O m&O mahogany, and rosewood, creating a vast variety of models for the collections, which include Maxima, Contemporary, Golden Age, and Art Deco, to name just a few. An exceptional atmo- sphere of unusual beauty is produced by these exemplary pieces. ExtrEmis (belgium) E x t rem i s a spi res t o c rea t e i n nova t ive a nd eye - ca t ch i ng out - door f u r n it u re t hat is not on ly beaut i f u l but a lso f u nct iona l. Manufacturing in Belgium using materials that are eco-friendly a nd ef f icient w it h rega rd to product l i fespa n a nd upkeep, t he company bears the motto "Tools for togetherness"—its mission is to make life better. Extremis's more than 50 design awards attest to the originality of its designs and the creativity of the designers behind them. Founder Dirk Wynants adheres to the philosophy t hat desig n is huma n, wh ich mea ns it should ser ve, solve, a nd increase quality of life. FEndi Casa (italy) The magic of Fendi begins with a passionate blend of artisanal tra- ditions and unsurpassed innovation. An extraordinary 90 years of history and a relentless pursuit of the finest materials and excel- lence in craftsmanship have made it a sing ular company. Fendi Casa is a natural progression for the brand, celebrating the values of exploration and experimentation and the intersection of cre- ativity, function, and craftsmanship. The collaborations that the company has developed throughout its history bear witness to its unparalleled commitment to creation. Gandia BlasCo/Gan (spain) Since 1941, t he Spa nish f u r nit u re compa ny Ga ndia Bla sco ha s been producing durable and st ylish modern outdoor furniture. Here you'll find contemporary yet timeless pieces and landscape design ideas in a sophisticated and practical range for your deck, garden, patio, or pool. With a commitment to using only the stur- diest finishes for its metal, plastic, and wood products, the brand offers luxury outdoor furniture, fabrics, and accessories that are engineered to last a lifetime.; Hamilton ContE Paris (France) Combining design movements of the 1950s and 1970s by seam- le s s ly blend i ng t he f u nc t ion a l m i n i m a l i s m of S c a nd i n av i a n design and the laid-back aesthetic of midcentury American style, Hamilton Conte Paris offers all the eclectic elements necessar y to do more t ha n just inhabit a n inter ior space. From f u r nit u re a nd seat i ng t o l ight i ng a nd a r t object s, each mat er ia l, f i n ish, a nd shape tells a stor y a nd is desig ned w it h a ca reful attent ion to detail and artisanal production. The company's showroom in Paris's 7th District sets the stage for an exquisitely curated collec- tion. laGuiolE En auBraC (France) T h i s u na s su m i ng fa r mer 's k n i fe — c rea t ed i n 18 2 9 i n a sm a l l En Plein Air: Extremis's Anker picnic table is designed to seat six for intimate outdoor dining. photography courtesy of extremis

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