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photography by tim street porter 44 m a i s o n - o b j e t. c o m T h e A m er i cA s m&O m&O The living room in Martyn Lawrence Bullard's own home in Los Angeles reflects his eclectic, sophisticated style. The designer often incorporates elements inspired by North African and classic European motifs. What is your prediction for the evolution and future of design? Design is more important today than ever. The world is now our shopping mall and has opened up a wealth of pos- sibilities and inspirations to all who surf the Internet. Such exposure has piqued the interest of all generations to be more adventurous and worldly in their interiors. The future of design will pull the best from all nations and their decorative history to create a new international style standard. Thierry GauGain Life, luxury, and light are Thierry Gaugain's design priorities. He believes that luxury "is never present in the obvi- ous. Luxury is a state of mind." Gaugain started early, at the age of 17, and worked with Philippe Starck as his head of design. In 2003, he founded his own firm and has focused primarily on the incandescent quality of light, shap - ing spaces with luxurious and illuminating designs. "You can see it on things, but you can never see light itself," he says. Movement, journey, and travel are the core of his professional interest, and he has built an impressive array of unrivaled design masterpieces, ranging from yachts and private aircraft to luxury hotels. His clients experience the highest level of ext ravagance and g randeur. How has your past shaped your professional present? It is important for a young designer to have a strong model as a first influence. In my case, that was Philippe Starck. If you have a good foundation, you can then find your own creative and personal path. How can I define my vision? I have a premonition of the future where luxury is written by light as matter. How does where you call home inspire your creative practice? My childhood in Toulon gave me a particular perception of light, color, and the aesthetics of the sea. Paris—a very international city, the essence of the French soul—was also a place to compare, analyze, and better structure my first intuitions about yachts. It is incredible how soon these intuitions globally appeared to me. Paris discoveries, as well as those made in other countries, reinforced something that was already in my soul. This doesn't mean that I was closed to other visions. Each contributed clarity to what was the seed of a luxury dream, simple yet sophisticated. Learning is recognition.

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