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photography by gregoire seva z 26 m a i s o n - o b j e t. c o m Y e a r i n r ev i ew m&O m&O Economically speaking, the locations of two of the world's largest free-trade zones also played a part in M aison&objEt's strategic decision to choose Miami for this show. Under the north american Free trade agreement, the Us, Canada, and Mexico pro- duced more than $17 trillion worth of goods and ser- vices in 2010, while the Mercosur countries of south america represent 82.3 percent of the continent's gross domestic product. these are two of the most competi- tive economic zones in the Western Hemisphere. the predominant function of a trade show is to bring together a diverse array of talent. in addi- t ion, it creates interact ions a nd collaborat ions for either a mass or niche economic market. it operates simultaneously on global and local levels. its tools are powerful, chronicling the way design is integrated into our daily life. the complex relationship between people and things is also an extension of who we are, as both individuals and communities. Why go to a t rade fair? W hat's the future of such a commercial exploit? the answer is surprisingly simple: human beings. the people at the beginning and the end of the processes and methodologies of creation, produc- tion, and distribution are the future. this is the why and the how of any successful trade show. the future can then be truly assured. the show last year in Miami was one of the first times that the design spheres of north and south america had the opportunity to come together, net- working and promoting their design practices to each other and the rest of the world. What's next? all of the elements are in place to continue this concept, re-creating and strengthening an ideal environment for global and local business. it is an excit ing advent ure, a lbeit a cha lleng ing one. t he M ia m i project br i ng s to l i fe a v iable a nd excit i ng tool for interior desig ners, architects, manufactur- ers, and retailers. as it fast becomes one of the most celebrat ed a nd t a l ked- about show s i n t he world, Maison&objEt aMEriCas will continue to be the hub of business, art and culture, design energ y, and architectural revelation. n above left: The lighting from Fine Art Lamps is a study in geometry. above right: A silk- screened bench from Corinne Campenio at MAison&objeT AMeriCAs 2015.

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