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photography by gregoire seva z m a i s o n - o b j e t. c o m 25 Meuron, and countless others prove that the starchi- tect phenomenon cont i nues to rest yle t he look of M ia m i. I n f luencers such a s Ph i l ippe St a rck, Ner i & Hu, and Ilse Crawford (the Desig ner of the Year for M&O Pa r IS, September) a re helping to shape and nurture the MaISON&Objet platform. Wi t h i n t h e c o n t e x t o f s w i f t l y c h a n g - i ng globa l a nd loca l ma rket s, t he show s i n Pa r is, Singapore, and Miami bring together the multicul- tura l inf luences a nd inspirat ions t hat a re so much a part of modern life. besides the awards, the sum- mit, and the show itself, in 2011 M aISON&Objet initiated Paris Design Week. For the past four years, this initiative has offered a highly welcome cultural cou nter poi nt t hat r u ns pa ra l lel to t he September show. With each year's theme comes an opportunity to explore the unanticipated, celebrating Paris as a capital of young creation. by applying the template of the Paris show, M a ISON&Objet has been able to lend it s savoir f a i re t o S i ng a pore a nd t o M i a m i. I n s howc a s i ng r eg ion a l t a lent s a nd i ndu s t r ie s i n a s i a a nd t he americas, the team at MaISON&Objet is resolved and determined to know and understand local com- munities by implementing the strategies and exper- tise that have made the Paris show so successful. Philip Levine, the mayor of Miami beach, on a visit to MaISON&Objet ParIS, told the French economic newspaper Les Echos, "I wanted to stop and talk at all the stands. From the smallest to the largest, the mix of products is exciting. after this visit, I think that Miami beach should build a convention center five times larger." Local strategists and government officials a re keen to help M a ISON&Obj et a M e r ICa S bec ome one of t he mo s t s uc c e s s f u l de s i g n t r a de fa irs in t he cit y's histor y. Mayor Lev ine ha s made sure that the general public will have free admission to the show on its last day. He also coordinated the effort to move Miami Design Week so that it runs at t he same time as M&O a Mer ICaS. He compares M aISON&Objet to the "Olympic Games for life- style in europe" and says that Miami beach is now "america's lifestyle Super bowl." Heart-shaped decorative porcelains by Fos at Maison&objet aMericas 2015.

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