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Michigan Avenue - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Anna Chlumsky

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26 photography by rodolfo Martinez; Styling by faye power; hair by danny Jelaca; Makeup by taryll atkinS uSing chanel; Model: calee luteS, next MiaMi 120 This season, fashion is bigger, bolder, and more fabulous than ever. Features 116 // AnnA for President! As HBO's smash political satire Veep kicks off its fifth season, Chicago native and three-time Emmy nominee Anna Chlumsky cements her spot as one of television's most talented comedy players. 120 // suPernovA! The pyrotechnics of imagina- tion manifest in energetic explosions of color, hallucino- genic prints, and big-bang silhouettes that blur the lines—brilliantly! 128 // sAving fAce New high-tech antiaging regimes can't promise a return to the skin you had in your 20s. But more-personalized product ranges can make us look extremely good for our age. Five testers went in search of lost youth... 134 // HumAne instincts As commerce becomes increasingly cutthroat and profitability is championed at any cost, is there room in the economic equation for kindness, conscience, and humane values? Many business leaders are putting their hands on their hearts and saying yes. space 143 // see tHe LigHt A gritty stretch of the Loop is being transformed with the new interactive installation The Wabash Lights. 144 // e-Luxe! Antiques aficionados are buzzing about RubyLUX, a new online marketplace for luxury vintage. 146 // giLded Age A trio of Bucktown-based interior designers debuts a gleaming new storefront. 148 // tAke A seAt! Celebrated Chicago-born designer Stephen Burks fashions the season's most exquisite armchair. 150 // Lofty Ambitions The Lofts at River East bring expansive luxury living to Streeterville. 152 // Home mAker As his home décor empire expands further into Chicago, furniture titan Art Van Elslander gets personal about his love of fashion, his commitment to giving back, and the Windy City spots where he feels at home and inspired. 154 // tHe new PAce of Luxury Sales are slowing in Chicago's high-end market, where three-bedrooms or more reign supreme. 159 // sPAce guide How (and where) to live your best life in Chicago. contents L ate sprin g 2016

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