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Michigan Avenue - 2016 - Issue 2 - Late Spring - Anna Chlumsky

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photography © Joan Marcus Last year on Broadway, Chlumsky showed her theater chops—and indulged her passion for opera—by performing opposite Douglas Sills ( pictured) and star soprano Renée Fleming in the comedic opera tribute Living on Love. priorities clear, which has been a gift. Also I'm really blessed and fortunate to be in a place in my career where I can prioritize my kid. It's a hard habit to break as an actor to not think you have to say yes to everything. SR: Are there any particular causes that you're passionate about? AC: I'm not an enormous activist—you're not going to see me on every PSA—but the things that do matter to me are certainly LGBTQ issues and rights, and youth especially, and veterans' affairs— and we could all use a cure for Alzheimer's. SR: Are there any dream projects that you'd like to pursue or are there actors out there who blow you away? AC: Well, that's many questions in one... dream projects? I've always been dying to do a really legit period piece in the vein of Amadeus, John Adams, or even Lonesome Dove. I'm drawn someday to play a military character. I know that's in me. And I have this obsession with opera. I do feel like if you ever see me with a director credit, it's going to be for an opera. Actors that I'd die for? Tom Hardy and Idris Elba. I will see them in anything not just because they're gorgeous; because they are phenomenal actors. I love Rooney Mara. I think she's fantastic. Let's see, what other… I mean, come on, Robert Duvall in anything, right? SR: Of course. AC: Frances McDormand. These are the icons for me. SR: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Directing a period piece? AC: Wouldn't that be nice? That'd be nice to have one or two under my belt by then. Shall we say several? Why not? It's an abundance of life. Well, I want to be in a bigger apartment. I really do. SR: Achievable. AC: At least three bedrooms would be great. SR: This is going out to every realtor in Chicago. AC: I really want to stay in New York. SR: Well, maybe they've got connections. AC: Yeah, I'm sorry—I really don't need to live in Arlington Heights right now. Nothing against all of my friends who just moved to Arlington Heights. I love you, but my God. Where do I see myself? This is the best possible scenario: My kids are being educated in a school that enriches, nourishes, challenges, and engages them. I'm pursuing and doing fantastic work. Ten years... I'll be happy. I read that article in The Atlantic about [happiness in] your 40s, so I think I can make it through. [Laughs] SR: I believe it. AC: It'll be a victory. And I mean that with the best possible intentions. .

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