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Michigan Avenue - 2015 - Issue 8 - Winter - Sandra Lee

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STEPHANIE SIMS writer Credentials: A former managing editor of Chicago Agent Magazine, Stephanie Sims has contributed to Design Bureau, Time Out Chicago, DNAinfo, and Refi nery29. Behind the story: "The trend in living ["New Cities," page 127] is gearing toward never having to leave your place. I'm not sure if the increase in work-from-home careers has contributed to that, but I think carving out offi ce space in residential buildings is smart. It's nice to have a change of scenery." The best thing about winter in Chicago: "There are so many places to ice skate: Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Maggie Daley Park.… Even on the roof of The Peninsula hotel." Her dream home: "Somewhere warm with a low cost of living, like Spain or Portugal." PAIGE WISER writer Credentials: Paige Wiser is a free- lance writer who didn't realize that having kids meant never having a complete thought again. Behind the story: "I wanted to celebrate that, fi nally, returning and recycling gifts ["The Ghosts of Presents Past," page 144] is accepted—and even expected. Once, I successfully regifted some lightly worn novelty socks. As long as they don't touch asphalt, it's fi ne." The most memorable gift she's given: "A Maltese Falcon prop statue I gave to my movie-loving dad for Christmas. After he died, I put it on my bookshelf." On her gift wish list: "My deepest abid- ing wish is that the bulk of my gifts will be in gummy form. I'm hoping for the 32,000-calorie, 26-pound Party Gummy Bear ($149.99)." E X C L U S I V E REAL ESTATE | LIFESTYLE | SALES | MARKETING KRISTINE FARRA 312-953-9567 BUY. SELL. RENT. INVEST ! YOUR MICHIGAN AVENUE - MAGNIFICENT MILE EXPERT !

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