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Sew ChiC! Maison Lesage brings expert needlework to Chanel's Fall/Winter 2015–16 Haute Couture collection. Karl Lagerfeld showed this sleeveless dress in green silk tulle among his 67-piece Haute Couture collection in an Art Deco–inspired casino set at the Grand Palais in Paris. The dress is embroidered by Maison Lesage with crystal tubes, and is finished with strips of silk tulle and an underskirt of tulle on organza. exposure to ultraviolet light without fading; it must be strong enough to withstand bumps; and it has to be made of threads that will last the life of the watch. Beau says Chanel and Lesage worked together to develop a special silk for the dial that was both strong and would not spill any silk dust (thereby damaging the watch). They then devel- oped special gold threads and metallic paillons knowing that traditional embroidery materials, like cotton, wouldn't work. Unveiled two years ago, the first embroidered watches boasted pure silk threads and were so revolutionary that Chanel won the Artistic Crafts award at the 2013 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève. Since then, Chanel has stepped up design and technique in its new pieces every year, includ- ing using gold threads in 2014 and adding glass beads and pearls this year. In fact, each time the brand opts to include a new element on a dial, the experts must work side by side with Lesage to cre- ate tiny new settings and develop methods that will hold the elements in place. The Mademoiselle Privé collection was selected for this special Métiers d'art Lesage line, according to Beau, because it epitomizes the brand's artistic dials. The name derives from a sign on the door of Coco Chanel's studio, which warned visitors that the area was a private space. "That patrimony translated nicely into a collection," says Beau, "and expanding that collection to include Lesage, with designs inspired by the coromandel screens in [Coco Chanel's] apartment, was perfect." Severa l top a r t isa ns create t he Lesage dia ls, so ever y one is a unique, ha ndmade piece. Once Lesage completes t he embroidered desig ns, t hey a re delicately packaged a nd sent direct ly to Cha nel's watchma k ing workshop, Châtela in, in t he Sw iss cit y of La Chaux- de-Fonds, where t hey a re applied to t he f ina l t imepieces. "These dia ls have a life of t heir ow n," says Beau. "They a re a stor y t hat connect s t he bra nd, t he craft , t he cou- ture st atus, a nd embraces t he spir it of Cha nel." V Chanel and Maison Lesage created this Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Brodé timepiece in 18k yellow gold set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds and an embroidered dial set with one rose-cut diamond, yellow- and white-gold paillons, and gold thread (inset) ($41,900). Chanel Fine Jewelry, Encore Las Vegas, 702-765-5155; "The dials are a sTory ThaT connecTs The brand, The crafT, The couTure sTaTus, and embraces The spiriT of chanel." —nicolas beau photography courtesy of chanel 55

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