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MARTIN    Director of Editorial Relations  MATTHEW STEWART    Executive Editorial Assistant CHRISTINA CLEMENTE Online Executive Editor  CAITLIN ROHAN    Online Editors  ANNA BEN YEHUDA, TRICIA CARR    Online Editorial Assistant CATHERINE PARK Senior Managing Editors  DANINE ALATI, JILL SIERACKI Managing Editors JENNIFER DEMERITT, MURAT OZTASKIN, OUSSAMA ZAHR Shelter and Design Editor  SUE HOSTETLER    Timepiece Editor  ROBERTA NA AS ADVERTISING SALES Account Directors SUSAN ABRAMS, MICHELE ADDISON, MICHELLE CHALA, KATHLEEN FLEMING, VICTORIA HENRY, KAREN LEVINE, MEREDITH MERRILL, NORMA MONTALVO, DEVON MOORE, JEFFREY NICHOLSON, SHANNON PASTUSZAK, MIA PIERRE-JACQUES, VALERIE ROBLES, JIM SMITH    Account Executives SUSANA ARAGON, LAUREN BROGNA, JANELLE DRISCOLL, JAMIE FOX, SAMANTHA HARRIS, SARAH HECKLER, CATHERINE KUCHAR, FENDY MESY, MARY RUEGG, JACKIE VAN METER      Sales Support and Development  EMMA BEHRINGER, ANA BLAGOJEVIC, LISSETTE COLLS, ERIN GLEASON, KRISTINE GUEVARRA, DARA HIRSH, EMERY HOLTON, REBECCA JAMES, KARA KEARNS, MICHELLE MASS, NICHOLE MAURER, ELIZABETH MITCHELL, STEPHEN OSTROWSKI, MACKENZIE WAXMAN, ALEXANDRA WINTER MARKETING, PROMOTIONS, AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations LANA BERNSTEIN    Senior Director of Brand Development ROBIN KEARSE Director of Brand Development JOANNA TUCKER    Brand Development Managers KRISTIN BARNES, JIMMY KONTOMANOLIS  Promotions Art Designer KAITLYN RICHERT Event Marketing Directors  AMY FISCHER, LAURA MULLEN, KIMMY WILSON    Event Marketing Managers  KELSEY MARRUJO, CRISTINA PARRA, ASHLEY VEHSLAGE    Event Marketing Coordinators BROOKE BIDDLE, BLAIR GOTTFRIED    Event Marketing Assistant SHANA KAUFMAN ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Director of Positioning and Planning  SALLY LYON    Positioning and Planning Manager TARA MCCRILLIS Director of Production PAUL HUNTSBERRY    Production Manager BLUE UYEDA    Production Artists MARISSA MAHERAS, DARA RICCI, ALISHA SMITH Director of Distribution Operations MATT HEMMERLING    Fulfillment Manager DORIS HOLLIFIELD    Traffic Supervisor  ESTEE WRIGHT     Traffic Coordinators JEANNE GLEESON, MALLORIE SOMMERS    Manufacturing Coordinator KIMBERLY CHANG    Circulation Research Specialist  CHAD HARWOOD FINANCE Controller DANIELLE BIXLER    Senior Finance Directors  AUDREY CADY, LISA VASSEUR-MODICA    Director of Credit and Collections CHRISTOPHER BEST Senior Credit and Collections Analyst  MYRNA ROSADO   Financial Analyst NEIL SHAH Senior Accountant  LILY WU     Junior Accountants  KATHY SABAROVA, NATASHA WARREN Accounts Payable Coordinator NADINE DEODATT ADMINISTRATION, DIGITAL, AND OPERATIONS Director of Operations MICHAEL CAPACE    Director of Human Resources and Administration STEPHANIE MITCHELL Digital Producer  ANTHONY PEARSON     Facilities Coordinator ASHLEY GUILLAUME Office Assistant ERIC HOFFMAN Chief Technology Officer  JESSE TAYLOR    Desktop Administrators ZACHARY CUMMO, EDGAR ROCHE EDITORS-IN-CHIEF J.P. ANDERSON (Michigan Avenue), SPENCER BECK ( Los Angeles Confidential), KATHY BLACKWELL (Austin Way), KRISTIN DETTERLINE (Philadelphia Style), LISA PIERPONT (Boston Common), CATHERINE SABINO (Gotham), JARED SHAPIRO (Ocean Drive), ELIZABETH E. THORP (Capitol File), DAMIEN WILLIAMSON (Executive Editor, Aspen Peak), SAMANTHA YANKS (Hamptons) PUBLISHERS JOHN M. COLABELLI (Philadelphia Style), LOUIS F. DELONE (Austin Way), DAWN DUBOIS (Gotham), ALEXANDRA HALPERIN (Aspen Peak), DEBRA HALPERT (Hamptons), SUZY JACOBS (Capitol File), GLEN KELLEY (Boston Common), COURTLAND LANTAFF (Ocean Drive), ALISON MILLER (Los Angeles Confidential), DAN USLAN (Michigan Avenue) Managing Partner JANE GALE Chairman and Director of Photography JEFF GALE Chief Operating Officer MARIA BLONDEAUX Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer JOHN P. KUSHNIR Chief Executive Officer KATHERINE NICHOLLS

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