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SOURCES:, ┬ę 2015 Rising Tide Contact us to discover how we can help cover the cost of your travel call 888-214-9488 or visit us at of patients who treat at Cancer Treatment Centers of America┬« travel to one of our hospitals from another state. Nearly 70% Robotic radiosurgery ofers a non-invasive alternative to open surgery using radiation therapy. Genomic tumor assessment examines a tumor on a genetic level to fnd the DNA alterations. This helps physicians tailor your treatment based on the tumor's genetic makeup . Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) delivers a concentrated dose of radiation therapy to a tumor bed during surgery. IORT helps spare nearby healthy tissues that could be damaged using other techniques. Specialists spend their residency training during medical school focused on a specifc area of medicine. Subspecialists, such as medical oncologists, have additional training. for WHY TRAVEL CANCER TREATMENT? A cancer diagnosis brings many questions, one being where to seek treatment. For a variety of reasons, some patients choose to travel for care. Here are some of the factors that infuence their decision. SECOND OPINION Make a more informed decision about your care by verifying your diagnosis and learning about advanced treatments not ofered at all hospitals. ACCESS TO TREATMENTS The availability of advanced technology is especially important for those with advanced forms of cancer. Some advanced treatments not ofered at all hospitals include: SPECIALITY IN YOUR DISEASE A doctor who specializes in your cancer type, such as a head and neck surgeon or a neurosurgeon, has more training and experience treating your disease. TEAM EXPERTISE Each member of your team of clinicians has an important role in your care. Team members should collaborate and coordinate a personalized treatment plan for the patient. FULLY INTEGRATIVE MODEL Intergrative oncology services help manage side efects, boost your energy and keep you strong during treatment. These services may include: nutrition support, acupuncture, pain management and spiritual support.

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