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Culture Jason Butler Harner and Cory Michael Smith in the New York production of Cock. HOTTEST TICKET Objects of Affection WHEN A WOMAN COMES BETWEEN TWO MEN, THERE'S MORE THAN FUR THAT FLIES. BY THOMAS CONNORS "T he Heart wants what it wants." Poet Emily Dickinson penned that observation back in 1862. Today, those words are recruited regularly to defend shifting affections (perhaps most famously by Woody Allen in a 2001 interview with Time). Like death and 62 taxes, the travails of love are one of life's sad certainties. And with Cock, British playwright Mike Bartlett has written a cleverly incisive contemporary analysis of emotions run riot. This month, Profiles Theatre brings us the play that dares polite theatergoers to speak its name. A smash in London before it hit New York in the spring of 2012, Bartlett's drama ponders the consequences when a gay man's partner falls for a woman. More than a twist on the standard love triangle, the show examines the manifestations of desire and the often fluid boundaries of sexual MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM 062-063_MA_SC_HT_Winter_14.indd 62 1/10/14 10:28 AM

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