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2014 - Issue 1 - Winter

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Side by Side A shared vision drives luxury car dealers Kristina and Mike McGrath. "It's really good to have a mate who shares not just your interests, but the knowledge of the business you're in," says Mike McGrath, who met his wife, Kristina, nearly 21 years ago when she and twin sister Korinna visited Chicago from their native Lake of the Ozarks for a Doublemint modeling audition ("We didn't get it," laughs Kristina). Following a longdistance courtship, Mike convinced Kristina to move to Chicago and work at his newly opened Acura dealership, where she educated herself on cars to become McGrath's top saleswoman. "It was the easiest job I ever had because if I'm passionate about something, I can sell it," recalls 100 Kristina, who once dreamed of owning a Chevrolet Z24 ("I've come a long way," she jokes). In her current role as director of customer relations for all six of the McGrath luxury dealerships, Kristina has been crucial in helping McGrath Lexus earn a number one customer service index ranking, and Mike couldn't be happier to work alongside her. "We're both Type A people, and one of my axioms is, 'Opposites might attract, but it doesn't lend itself to long-term,'" he says. "Kristina's been a great companion along the way—she and I share a common outlook not only about business, but about life." MICHIGANAVEMAG.COM 098-103_MA_FEAT_Portrait_Winter14.indd 100 1/10/14 11:27 AM

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