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ON THE TOWN FROM TOP: Youngblood tries to convince Frommer that a nonmeat diet can help save the planet; porcini soup and arugula salad; the outdoor dining area at SW Steakhouse at Wynn. "If you weren't raised on beef, you wouldn't want beef." —CHUCK FROMMER RYE WIT SW's signature martini suits both the meaty and vegan menus with flavors of anise, caraway, and fennel. SW MARTINI 2 1⁄2 oz. High West Rendezvous rye 3 ⁄4 oz. Cinzano Rosso sweet vermouth 1 dash The Bitter Truth Creole bitters Place ingredients in a bar mixing glass and stir with ice until chilled. Strain into a pre-chilled martini glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BARBARA KRAFT (SW STEAKHOUSE); ALEX KARVOUNIS (MARTINI); LUCKY WENZEL (YOUNGBLOOD, SOUP) continued from page 74 about two years ago we were on the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. So when we aired, we had to make a decision whether we were going to start serving food directly at the shop or if we would just continue catering. And under the circumstances, it would have been foolish not to capitalize on the situation. Now there are some Saturdays we'll serve 1,000 covers. VEGAS: Stephanie, is your diet all health-based or are there environmental concerns, too? SY: Absolutely. Every time you pass on meat, you're helping save the planet, and feeding the hungry, and preventing deforestation. CF: Why do you say that? SY: Because there's deforestation due to agriculture. Plus, a vegan diet requires a third of the land needed for a conventional Western diet. We do not have the land to feed everyone on an animal-based diet. CF: Don't you think that maybe with just the increase of population, that's going to happen anyway? SY: Oh, we have a serious population issue coming. Chef David Walzog arrives with an arugula salad and soup for each of them. CF: This looks good, man. [Tastes the soup] I think it's bueno. SY: Porcini soup has a thick texture. It tastes a little bit meaty. Mushrooms sometimes can taste of meat. They make a lot of vegan dishes with mushrooms, like burgers. CF: It is good; I would order this. I'm all about taste. I don't care what's in it. SY: Arugula is related to broccoli and cauliflower. And it's a high antioxidant, anticancer food. And it's just tasty. CF: I never have eaten at SW. But this is beautiful. This is great. I love it. SY: It's one of my favorite restaurants. I usually come here for my birthday dinner. The water show at night is spectacular. And it's great because I'm gluten-free and they provide gluten-free bread here. The Gardein Chick'n and the quinoa arrive. SY: I'm a great lover of quinoa, which is the grain of the gods from the Aztec and Mayan cultures. And it's a good source of protein. And I was curious to see how the "chicken" dish would taste. It's yummy. CF: The chicken tastes good. It looks pretty close to real chicken. SY: A little kid would not know that this wasn't chicken. CF: That's the whole thing about any of this stuff. If you weren't raised on beef, you wouldn't want beef. [Samples the quinoa] It's flavorful. He's done a great job with the spices all the way around. The texture's great. I'm just not a quinoa fan. But I would suggest, if somebody came here and they were vegetarian, I would suggest they order the Chick'n. V The SW Martini 76 VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 074-076_V_SC_Taste_OTT_Nov13.indd 76 10/22/13 11:23 AM

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