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ON THE TOWN LET'S MEET Where: SW Steakhouse, Wynn Las Vegas When: Nightly, 5:30 PM-10 PM What: A variety of vegan dishes Why: One of the town's top steakhouses, it also offers a vegan menu. LEFT: Carnivore Chuck Frommer looks warily at the veggie plate ordered for him by Dr. Stephanie Youngblood. ABOVE: SW's quinoa and faux chicken. Cheeseburger in Paradise A CARNIVOROUS BUTCHER AND A (MOSTLY) VEGETARIAN DOCTOR WALK INTO A STEAKHOUSE… N obody knows steak like butcher Chuck Frommer, whose family has run John Mull's Meats since the '50s. Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, on the other hand, is a strong proponent of vegan and vegetarian eating. When the two sat down for a meal together, they chose SW Steakhouse—with one catch: Frommer would let Youngblood do the ordering for both of them from the restaurant's vegan menu. She opted for porcini mushroom soup and wild arugula salad, followed by root-vegetable quinoa cakes and almond-crusted Gardein Chick'n. Will Frommer miss his steak? CHUCK FROMMER: You're a chiropractor? STEPHANIE YOUNGBLOOD: Yes, and I have my degree in nutrition as well. 74 CF: So do you actually follow your degree? SY: I have a wellness lifestyle. I was ill when I was younger, and nutrition cured me. And that began my journey of healthy eating. CF: I'm just curious why you became a vegetarian. SY: I'm actually not a vegetarian. I would say I'm vegan 50 percent of the time, vegetarian 80 percent of the time, and I do eat meat a couple of times a month. But when I do, I make sure it's really good meat. VEGAS: You've got the right guy here for really good meat. SY: Absolutely. What's the name of your restaurant, Roadside Grill? CF: Roadkill Grill. That's kind of an offshoot, actually. We've done catering for a long time, probably about 20, 23 years, something like that. And continued on page 76 PHOTOGRAPHY BY LUCKY WENZEL BY AL MANCINI VEGASMAGAZINE.COM 074-076_V_SC_Taste_OTT_Nov13.indd 74 10/22/13 11:23 AM

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